Dress Code

  • Students will be expected to dress in the prescribed uniform attire.  Required uniform attire is listed below, items NOT listed as acceptable are NOT part of the dress code and therefore not permitted.  It is the parents and students responsibility to ensure compliance with the dress code.  If you have questions about uniforms, please ask.  Thanks.

    1. All students are required to visibly wear a picture ID daily. Students who do not wear their ID will be subject to disciplinary action.  Students are issued one ID, maroon lanyard and cover. Lost, stolen or defaced ID’s must be replaced at the student’s expense.  Lanyards must be a break-away style and maroon in color.  Covers must be clear.  Students may not deface ID’s.  Stickers, pictures, etc. are not permitted in/on ID’s or covers. ID’s also serve as the student’s lunch ticket and will be used to check out library and text books.
    2. All students will wear the designated traditional style school uniform clothing. The clothing may not be altered by slits, shredded hems, etc.  The designated uniform will be:  traditional navy bottoms (polyester/cotton blend) and white or grey collared shirt. Maroon or navy blue collared shirts will be permitted if they have the Wilson logo printed on them.

    BOYS:  All white or grey shirt with collar with no logos.  Navy blue or maroon-colored collared shirt with the Wilson Logo available for purchase only through PTO.  This may be a “Polo” type shirt, dress shirt, etc.  Plain navy blue pants or walking shorts that are made of a cotton/polyester blend.  Uniform pants must be standard uniforms, no Dickies, Ben Davis, etc. No extra pockets, seams or decorations. Pants and shorts must be worn at the waist.

    GIRLS:  All white or grey collared blouse or “Polo” shirt with no logos.  Navy blue or maroon-colored collared shirt with the Wilson Logo available for purchase only through PTO.  Plain navy blue pants, shorts, or crop pants that are made of a cotton/polyester blend-NO SKIRTS OR DRESSES ALLOWED.  Skirts may be worn for religious reasons but must be navy blue and floor length.  No spandex material.  No bows, ruffles, extra pockets, extra zippers, or decorations on uniforms.  Shorts must be fingertip length when hands are resting at the sides.  Form fitting clothing is not permitted.  Stretch pants, “skinny” style or denim/jean style pants are not permitted.  No side pockets or sweat pants.



    1. Sweaters and sweatshirts must be either plain white, navy blue, or gray worn over a white collar shirt with the collar out, black is not permitted. (No logos, stripes, etc. except for the Wilson Logo) Turtleneck shirts are not permitted at the 4-8 school.
    2. Jackets must be plain navy blue, white, or gray without any type of writing, emblems, or striping. Jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters are not permitted on campus unless they meet the uniform criteria and may only be worn during inclement weather.
    3. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Students may not un-tuck shirts between classes.
    4. No undergarments may show and undershirts must be plain white only. No long sleeve shirts under uniform shirts.



    1. Baggy or oversized uniforms are not acceptable and thus are prohibited. Uniforms may not be worn more than one size larger. Pants, shorts, etc. must be worn at the waist.
    2. Corduroys, cargo pants, jeans, sweatpants, leggings, stretch pants and overalls are not permitted. No labels or logos permitted on pants. 
    3. Belts must be black or brown and may not be more than one size larger than the waist. Belt Buckles must be plain – no letter, pictures, etc.
    4. Pants, shorts, and crop pants may not be rolled either at the waist or hem.



    1. Religious head coverings must be solid navy blue or white. No hats, wristbands, gloves, or bandannas of any type may be worn on campus.  Hair bands and bows may be worn in the hair only and must be navy or white.



    1. For safety reasons, students MUST wear covered tennis shoes and MUST keep them tied and/or fastened. Shoes must be white, navy, black, grey or brown with minimal logos.  Shoelaces must be white or black and no wider than one quarter inch.  Platform shoes are not permitted. No roller skate tennis shoes (wheelies), no boot style/long shoes, no ballerina style shoes, no slip on shoes allowed on campus.
    2. Tan, navy, black or white socks may be worn. Socks may not be worn over the knee.  Girls may wear tan, navy, black, or white tights or hose (tights and leggings must have a foot – no “shorty” tights.)



    1. No tattoos, hickies, or piercings of any body part other than ears. Only post-type earrings are permitted and must be smaller than 1 cm in diameter.  No more than 2 sets of earrings on each ear are allowed.  No gages.  No part of the earring may dangle, no hoops allowed.
    2. Use of lipstick or other make-up in moderation is permitted but may not be applied or re-applied while at school. Make up found at school will be confiscated.  Due to allergies, perfume, cologne and body spray are not permitted.  Nails must be kept short.  Modest nail color is permitted – no rhinestones or other decorations on nails.
    3. No unnatural modifications of hair (fade lines, shavings, hair extensions must be of a natural color), eyebrows, etc. (example: shaving eyebrows.) Hair should not cause a distraction at school.
    4. No stickers on ID’s, backpacks, agendas, binders etc. No markers or liquid white out allowed on campus. 
    5. No bracelets that may defensive to others.
    6. No writing/drawings on any part of the body or uniform.

    There may be additional items added to the designated uniform during the school year 



    Students may not be required to wear the designated uniform on dress down days or field trips.  However, they must follow the guidelines below:

    • Wear covered shoes at all times, no open toe.
    • No tube tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, see through tops or bare midriff tops.
    • No printing on clothing that refers to sex, alcohol, drugs, gangs, violence or vulgarities (8-ball, homie, etc.) No jerseys or shirts with numbers.
    • No caps, hair-nets, or other hair coverings including bandannas, headbands, and hats.
    • No skirts or dresses allowed. No shorts shorter than fingertip length when arm is held at side.
    • No form-fitting or lycra shorts as outerwear. No leggings, pajamas, or sweat pants are allowed.
    • No undergarments as outerwear (muscle shirts, boxer shorts, etc.)
    • Use of lipstick or other make-up in moderation is permitted and may not be reapplied while on trips. Make up brought on trips will be confiscated.  Due to allergies, perfume, cologne and body sprays are not permitted.
    • Wear belts of correct length.
    • Wear pants of correct size (no larger than one size bigger), no oversized or baggy pants/shorts. No sagging of pants/shorts.
    • No pants/shorts with a wide leg width.
    • No shirt, pants, socks and shoes of one color.
    • No wide shoelaces.
    • No dickies, ben davis, etc.
    • No rips/holes of any kind on any clothing item


    Consequences for not following dress code include responsibility class, disciplinary referrals, loss of privileges, detention, Saturday school or in school suspension, closed classes, suspension or alternative placement.  Repeat offenders may be asked to transfer to another school.



    Backpacks must be free of logos, symbols or pictures representing something illegal, violent, illicit or suggestive (no skulls, numbers, gang signs, weapons, etc.).  Student may write their actual name on the inside of the backpack only.  Backpacks may not contain any writing, drawing or graffiti of any kind including nicknames.***When in doubt, ask prior to purchasing uniforms/items as it is the families’ responsibility to make sure their student complies with the rules.