Get to Know Our District

  • Wilson School District is a wonderful place to learn! Centrally located in Phoenix, we are proud of our district’s exceptional group of teachers, students, and community. 

    The district has great students who believe in the dream that every Wilson student will have the opportunity to attend a college or university. We have implemented the important programs to support students in meeting this goal. Today more Wilson students than ever before are attending college.

    Our students come from all over the city of Phoenix to enjoy our standards-based curriculum, state-of-the-art technology, and an involved community that works with our schools to help create a consistent, safe learning environment. 

Mission Statement

  • It is the mission of the Wilson School District No. 7 to provide the highest quality of education for all its students in order to allow them to develop to their maximum potential. The district is committed to equal education opportunities through equal access for each individual student. Quality instruction, effective management, parental involvement, and exemplary service to the total community are the hallmarks of this school district.

District Philosophy

  • We believe that education should be shaped by a sense of purpose. We are dedicated to the total personal development of each student in our district. We believe that the ultimate goal in education should be to prepare a stable, yet adaptive student for a world of rapid change. Our instruction will maintain flexibility in adapting to this ever-changing society. Working together with parents and community, we will strive to develop each student’s intellectual, physical, moral, emotional, aesthetic, creative, and social growth so that the student may become a useful and responsible member of home, community, and society while leading a personally rewarding life.

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