Student Dismissal

  • Parents have 4 options for their student's dismissal. Below are the instructions for each option. Parents are responsible for communicating with their student's teacher regarding their student's dismissal. Dismissal plans should not be changed last minute unless there is an emergency. 

    Bus Pick-up

    Wilson School District has 3 bus routes available for students to use. To view these bus routes, please click here. An adult MUST be present at the bus stop in order for the driver to let the students off at the stop. If someone new is going to pick up your student, parents or the designated adult at the stop needs to advise the bus driver ahead of time or contact the front office before 2:45 p.m. If no adult is present, the bus driver will return the student to the front office and parents will be given 20 minutes to arrive for their child at the office. Only adults from the approved pick up list may pickup students from the front office.

    Car Pick-up

    Parents may also use the car pick up lane as early as 3:00 p.m. Enter the line from of E. Van Buren St. The parent will place the sign with their student's name or designated number in the windshield so that a staff memebr can notate it and have the student ready for them at the front of the school. Signs can be obtained in the front office.

    Walker Pick-up

    Parents may also walk to the school and pick up their child outside the cafeteria on the north end of the campus on the 30th Street side.

    Park & Pick-ip

    If parents would like to park their car and walk to the student, they would need to park at the Celebrity Theatre Parking Lot on 30th Pl and use the Headstart Entrance Gate to pick up their student.

Wilson Primary Dismissal Map