Welcome to Wilson Elementary's Distance Learning!

  •  Students will need to connect with their teachers on Microsoft Teams every morning. They will also need to login to Edgenuity and complete assignments. 

    It is important that all students are connecting with their teachers through Microsoft Teams and completing assignments on Edgenuity. Attendance is collected daily so students should attempt to follow the same schedule as they would if they were in school.

    How to Login to Microsoft Teams

    • The student's email should be: wsdstudentID#@stu.wsd.k12.az.us
      • Example: wsd123456@stu.wsd.k12.az.us
    • The password will be the student's name and day of birth.
      • Example: Cheyenne Lord was born on Dec. 24th. Her password would be: CheyenneLord24 (notice the capital letters and no spaces!)
      • If the student has 2 last names, there should only be a space between the last names: CheyenneLord Campton24

    How to login to Clever

    Simply hold up your Clever Badge to the camera and you will be logged in automatically. 

    If you do not have your Clever Badge...

    • Click "Login as student".
    • Type "Wilson Elementary School" (Wilson Elem School District 7).
    • Click on "Login with school email account".
    • Login using your school email and password.
      • Email: wsdstudentID#@stu.wsd.k12.az.us 
        Ex. wsd123456@stu.wsd.k12.az.us
      • Password: student name and day of birth. See below for the password layout and capitalization
        Ex. CheyenneLord24
        Ex. CheyenneLord Campton24