Human Capital
Statement of Issue: Why? The Wilson School District Human Resources Department strives to employ and retain the best qualified personnel in our schools.
Statement of Goal: What? Ensure that every classroom has a high-quality, effective educator, supported by effective administrators and support staff.
Innovation Area: Human Capital Date to be Completed: Ongoing Responsible Party: Alex Dumas
Tactical Plan of Action
Objectives –Sub Goals
Critical Work Activities CWA
Responsible Person(s) Who? Human Resource/ Physical Resource Required FTE / Materials - Estimated Cost Start (S) Completion Date When? Evidence of Accomplishment
Recruitment and Retention
Goal 1: The Human Resources Department will recruit, hire, and retain the most effective employees.
1.  Hire high-quality and diverse staff, and reduce turnover through mentoring, compensation, leadership development, and other incentives.

2.  Organize central administration to support schools and enable campus leadership to focus on the classroom.

3.  Develop and maintain a performance-based compensation system for all district employees.

4.  Maintain Substitute Teacher pool.

5.  Enhance new Employee Orientation program.

6.  Develop a consistent onboarding process.

7.  Partner with universities and college teacher preparation programs to increase interns and student teachers.

8.  Provide a team building activity quarterly.
Director of Human Resources HR, Admin/Cabinet staff and Grade Level Teachers (if available) $5,000 or less for any job fair registration or out of state recruiting and any necessary supplies/job fair displays Annually by February 1 and ongoing as needed. Increasing the number of employees hiring while also decreasing the number of vacancies.

4.  Maximum utilization of the Substitute Teacher pool

5.  Online employee orientation and training program.
Goal 2: All staff will be evaluated on an evaluation instrument aligned to their job description.

Goal 3: All employees will have a professional growth plan & participate in professional development, professional growth and professional development will be available.
1.  Review and enhance evaluation instruments for all staff.

2.  Train all staff on their respective evaluation instrument.

3.  Provide a process for creating a professional growth plan.

4.  Strengthen systems, processes, procedures, and training for high quality employee performance.
Director of Human Resources and other staff as needed HR, Admin/Cabinet Staff and Supervisors/Managers $0 Annually by March 15th and ongoing as needed. Employees will be evaluated and based on their evaluation and job performance will be recommended for renewal the following year.
Professional Development
Goal 4: Provide job-embedded, professional development for administration, instructional leaders, support staff, and teachers based upon their growth plan.
1.  Develop training opportunities to allow employees to acquire new skills to help them remain competitive and successful in their current and future position.

2.  Review and enhance mentor program for new educators and classified staff in new environments.

3.  Review ways employees can broaden and deepen their career experience through professional transitions and position transfer which may include a change in pay grade.

4.  Create a leadership preparation academy
Director of Human Resources and other staff as needed HR, Admin/Cabinet Staff, Supervisors/Managers and local colleges and universities $5,000 or less annually for Professional trainers Annually on or before July 1st and ongoing as needed. Employee evaluation.

Monthly employee newsletter.
Awards and Recognition
Goal 5: Create a positive work environment, to inspire high performance and create a culture of recognition where employees feel motivated and appreciated.
1.  Improve culture by using survey input from staff and administrators.

2.  Enhance recognition programs to celebrate employee performance (newsletter, website, annual recognition ceremonies, marquee, etc.)

3.  Create a teacher and staff member of the year

4.  Health and wellness incentives program for staff and students
Director of Human Resources and other staff as needed. HR, Admin/Cabinet Staff and Supervisors/Managers. $5,000 or less annually for retirement clock, years of service pins,
certificates, gift cards, etc. End of year potluck sponsored by Climate Committee
Annually on or before August 1st and ongoing as needed Survey

End of the year employee celebration

Governing Board recognition

Monthly employee newsletter
Goal 6: Provide competitive benefit package to increase employee satisfaction and maximize the efficiencies of the district health plan.
1.  Obtain a competitive benefit package

2.  Continue to provide a robust health benefits package that is competitive, affordable, and cost effective to both staff and the district. This in-turn will help with employee retention, attract new employees, and increase staff productivity.
Director of Human Resources HR, School Medical Insurance Trust Insurance (SMIT) and Segal Consultant $0 Annually by March 30 and ongoing as needed. Benefits rates remain the same or below the national average increases.
Health and Wellness
Goal 7: Provide health and wellness program that encompasses the employee’s mind, body and lifestyle.
1.  Maintain methods to help improve employee participation by reinforcing the importance of individual health and personal well-being.

2.  Help achieve higher levels of productivity amongst employees while also decreasing absences from work.

3.  Improve employee satisfaction and retention by decreasing health care costs
Director of Human Resources and other staff as needed HR, Community Center, School Nurse, Primary and Elementary School $0 Annually by August 1 and ongoing as needed. After baseline data is collected, there will be an increase
in the number of
participants by 10% each following year.

Employee Quiet Room (Zen Room).
Community Health Partners.
Monthly employee newsletter.
Access to school facilities.
Front Door.
Employee Assistance Program.
HR Emails.
Goal 8: Ensure that all policies articulate the district’s vision and mission reflecting high expectations for all school community stakeholders 1.  Ensure the Governing Board and Administration evaluate the effects of the policies, regulations and exhibits and revise them as necessary.

2.  Ensure that the policies are accessible to all staff and general public to review.

3.  Ensure all District practices are aligned to District policies.
Director of Human Resources and other staff as needed HR, Arizona School Board Association (ASBA), Governing Board, Superintendent, Admin/Cabinet Staff $5,000 or less for Arizona School Board Association (ASBA) advisory services Annually by June 30th and ongoing as needed Policy addition/revision are approved by the Governing Board upon 2nd reading and is forwarded to all staff