Curriculum and Instruction Goal 1
Statement of Issue: Why? Currently, Wilson students are averaging 15% or less passing on state testing as measured by AZM2.
Statement of Goal: What? To increase student achievement as measured by 100% of students proficient on the state assessment through the use of AVID, PBIS, and standards-based curriculum design.
Innovation Area: Curriculum and Instruction Date to be Completed: Ongoing Responsible Party:
Tactical Plan of Action
Objectives –Sub Goals
Critical Work Activities CWA
Responsible Person(s) Who? Human Resource/ Physical Resource Required FTE / Materials - Estimated Cost Start (S) Completion Date When? Evidence of Accomplishment
Curriculum Review

Goal 1:
Using the backward design, the goal of curriculum review is to evaluate the curriculum’s effectiveness and its ability to increase student achievement.
1. Review to ensure alignment to the state standards.
2. Develop curriculum maps and pacing guide to ensure it is being taught with fidelity.
3. Assess the effectiveness by analyzing student achievement from the benchmark assessments.
4. Analyze the gaps of the curriculum and identify the changes that need to be made.
5. Create grade level and/or department teams to plan vertically PreK-9 to determine essential standards and critical skills.
Team Leads
Curriculum Director
MTSS Facilitator
Cost of adopted curriculum October 2021- ongoing Curriculum maps
Pacing Guides

Standard Alignment documents

Benchmark data

Vertical and horizontal planning documents

Curriculum Review manual
Instructional Practices

Goal 1:
Implement instructional practices to include WICOR strategies in order to close the achievement gap and ensure all students achieve mastery.
1. Ensure staff is using effective instructional practices with fidelity.
2. Design and implement common assessments aligned to the state standards at all grade levels.
3. Train and implement Wilson Instructional Absolutes.
4.  Train teachers to anticipate misconceptions so that they can monitor and adjust appropriately to meet the needs of all students.
5.  Continue with evidence-based instructional models while utilizing effective instructional practices to accelerate, not remediate.
6.  Intentionally design, monitor, and assess evidence-based interventions for any students who are not making the minimum growth.
7.  Provide on-going training on the use and implementation of WICOR strategies
8.  Provide advanced learning opportunities for students at all levels
Assistant Principal
Teacher Leaders
MTSS Facilitator
Instructional Coach 1 FTE December 2021-May 2023 ATI Scores

State testing scores

Growth scores

Table of standards

Training schedules and sign in sheets
Professional Learning Communities

Goal 1:
100% of the faculty will utilize Professional Learning Communities to foster high level collaboration with a common language and focus.
1.  Train all staff in Professional Learning Communities.
2.  Review lesson plans weekly to ensure all lessons are aligned to the standards, include WICOR, and have a common formative assessment.
3.  Teachers will collaborate to create or find resources for instruction and/or interventions/extensions for all students.
4.  Utilize digital tools for teacher collaboration on lessons and communication with students and parents.
5.  Professional Learning Communities will focus on ensuring all standards are met according to maps and pacing guides.
6.  Utilizing data from different sources (ATI formative assessments, lexile, quantile, DIBELs, I-Ready, Edgenuity, etc.), to ensure all students are making growth and mastery of state standards.
Teacher Leaders
MTSS Facilitator
Early release Wednesdays.

AVID path training and SI

Infinite Campus Learning

Professional Learning Communities training- Solution Tree
AVID path cost and SI cost plus travel.
Infinite Campus Learning training costs

Curriculum Licenses
September 2021 – July 2023 CTM Agendas and minutes

Lesson plan examples

Infinite Campus planners

Formative tests

AVID modules, path training, SI training sign in sheets

PLC training
In-Person and Remote Instruction
Goal 1:
Wilson will provide remote instruction with the same high expectations as in-person learning.
1.  Train all teachers and IAs in digital platforms and how to utilize the program effectively both in-person and remotely.
2.  Train all teachers and leaders on synchronous and asynchronous instruction.
3.  Train all teachers and IAs on utilizing Teams and breakout groups.
4.  Train all parents and students for remote learning, navigating apps, and expectations.
5.  Maintain high expectations with Wilson Instructional Absolutes, and engaging classrooms both in-person and remotely.
6.  Provide on-going support and training for families who are utilizing remote learning.
7.  Create an onboarding program for families and students who choose remote learning
Curriculum Director
Technology Supervisor
Computers for every student.

Online curriculum for all subjects.

WiFi for students and staff who need assistance.

Curriculum costs

WIFI costs
December 2022 Training agendas and sign in sheets.
Curriculum guides/Pacing Guides.

Lesson plans with WICOR

Technology Training Night

Goal 1:
Implement the AVID system fully focusing on the four pillars of systems, instruction, leadership, and culture.
1.  Train all instructional staff in AVID through AVID path, Summer Institute, or Professional Learning modules in their specific area (IE AVID Elementary, Math, ELA, Etc.)
2.  Create AVID absolutes.
3.  Create a culture of college readiness and growth mindset where all students and employees have high expectations.
4.  Ensure WICOR is utilized in every lesson at every grade level.
5.  Attend AVID showcases with key staff members to learn from other campuses.
6.  Create high standards in a growth mindset and ensure all students, staff, and parents are trained in growth mindset.
7.  Hire a Director of Advanced Learning Experiences to ensure implementation of AVID districtwide
Curriculum Director
Family Engagement Person
Subs for covering showcases.

Trainers trained on growth mindset modules.

Trainers for modules.
Path Training approximately $600.00 per person.

SI training approximately $600.00 per person plus travel.

Sub pay for staff attending showcases.

Money to purchase Wilson AVID Swag to use as incentives for parent attendance.

AVID contracts
September 2021-July 2023
Table of absolutes at each grade level.

Checklist of path/SI training for teachers and staff.

Showcase attendance sheets.

Module sign in sheets

Goal 1:
Wilson will use quarterly benchmark assessment to measure student achievement and to set goals for teachers to ensure 100% of our students obtain mastery on state assessments.
1.  Analyze data and create goals using the formative data to create interventions and extensions within the PLC meetings.
2.  Ensure 100% of Wilson students are making expected growth on all quarterly assessments.
3.  Utilize quarterly benchmarks to set individual teacher goals and measure student achievement.
4.  Utilize formative assessments to ensure students are meeting expectations of state standards.
Team Leads



MTSS Facilitator
ATI license December 2021-May 2024 State test scores

ATI Scores

Teacher goals

Data Graphic Organizer
Exceptional Education

Goal 1:
100 % of Exceptional Ed students will attain their IEP goals.
1. Provide training for both ExEd and regular ed in “push in” and collaborative ExEd techniques.
2. Provide training for parents on expectations and supports for ExEd students.
3. Maintain the least restrictive environment for all ExEd students.
4. Train all staff in accessing, implementing, and providing accommodations within the IEP.
5. Ensure Gifted students are provided accelerated classes.
6.  Train all staff in effective strategies to support ExEd students.
ExEd Director



Instructional Coaches

MTSS Facilitator
Trainers for models Training costs May 2022 Student schedules

Training documents and sign in sheets.

Parent meeting agendas and sign in sheets.
English Language Learners

Goal 1:
100% of ELL Wilson students will score at proficiency as measured by AZELLA, or move up categories to achieve proficiency within 3 years.
1.  Wilson will consistently increase students by at least one level per year as measured by the AZELLA test.
2.  Provide EL training and /or refresher courses for faculty and staff.
3.  Utilize effective SEI strategies with fidelity.
4.  Progress monitor language acquisition quarterly.
Curriculum Director

Instructional Coaches

Testing Clerk
AVID Excel
EL training
AVID Excel Contract

EL training costs
Ongoing Training agendas and sign in sheets

ATI and State Assessment data


Working with student groups in their area of AZELLA Growth
PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support)

Goal 1:
Create a consistent PBIS framework within the district.
1.  Train all staff in PBIS.
2.  Create PBIS district wide absolutes.
3.  Train staff and implement the Code of Conduct.
4.  Monitor the effectiveness of PBIS framework.
5.  Collect and analyze PBIS data to ensure effective implementation.
Team Leads
Instructional Coaches
MTSS Facilitator
Growth Mindset
AVID materials
Training Costs

Prizes/Trips, etc. for reinforcement
Ongoing Reduced behavior events.

Consistent academic language use on campuses

PBIS data
Evaluation Process

Goal 1:
adopt an evaluation system that meets the needs of all certified staff and supports student achievement.
1.  Establish a committee with vast representation to analyze, modify, and develop the new tool, process and training.
2.  Develop standards for evaluating faculty and staff such as goal setting and self-reflection.
3.  Create walkthrough protocol that is meaningful and supportive.
Instructional Coaches
Teacher Committee members
Various evaluation instruments to review Training on new instruments
June 2022 Evaluation instrument

Sign in sheets