Curriculum and Instruction Goal 2
Statement of Issue: Why? All students deserve a high-quality education that prepares them for college and career readiness.
Statement of Goal: What? Provide all students with a high-quality, well-rounded educational experience that is rigorous, culturally relevant, student centered and engaging.
Innovation Area: Curriculum and Instruction Date to be Completed: Ongoing Responsible Party:
Tactical Plan of Action
Objectives –Sub Goals
Critical Work Activities CWA
Responsible Person(s) Who? Human Resource/ Physical Resource Required FTE / Materials - Estimated Cost Start (S) Completion Date When? Evidence of Accomplishment
Curriculum Review

Goal 1: Provide consistent evidence-based curriculum across the district, with culturally relevant content aligned to the state standards.
1.  Adopt and implement culturally responsive and inclusive curricula.
2.  Evaluate the curriculum for culturally relevant topics and support to fill cultural gaps.
3.  Analyze the gaps of the curriculum and identify the changes that need to be made.
4.  Review all curriculum to ensure continuity both vertically and horizontal with standards.
5.  Create a timeline and process for curriculum review, adoption, and implementation.
6.  Audit curriculum yearly (create curriculum committee)
7. Create a specific PD plan
   a.  Specific to content curriculum focused on AVID and PBIS strategies
   b.  Aligned to individual professional development plans
   c.  Create a monthly PD plan based on data
   d.  Offer PD opportunities during Fall/Winter/Spring breaks as well as summer.
   e.  Offer external PD through conferences, workshops, partnerships with other district, etc.
   f.   Create “Wilson University” where required and optional online and offline courses are assigned and tracked.
   g.  Create online curriculum classes using AVID strategies which contain activities and assessments required for credit and are accessible throughout the school year.
Team Leads
Director of C&I
Cost of adopted curriculum October 2021- ongoing Evaluation paperwork.
Review documentation

Curriculum Review Manual

Yearlong PD plan
Instructional Practices

Goal 1:
Utilize Wilson Instructional Absolutes as an instructional model to design and implement rigorous, culturally relevant, student centered, and engaging lessons.
1.  Implement the AVID system to ensure high-quality learning experiences.
2.  Train teachers to promote students’ reflection on their learning and identify/correct their own misconceptions.
3.  Provide training on high quality cooperative learning techniques.
4.  Teach state standards using high-quality curriculum.
5.  Monitor implementation of Wilson Instructional Absolutes and provide feedback to teachers during walk throughs and evaluations.
6.  Provide PD around project-based learning.
7.  Design and implement project-based learning opportunities

Assistant Principal


Teacher Leaders

Director of ALE
AVID contracts Ongoing AVID CCI

Effective, thorough, and detailed Lesson plans and units

Walkthrough data
Professional Learning Communities

Goal 1:
Foster a problem solving, growth mindset that will lead to continuous cycles of improved teaching and learning within PLCs.
1.  Expand and strengthen PLCs at schools to develop and share instructional solutions for learning needs.
2.  Train and build effective PLC’s at all levels.
3.  Using data, conduct shared discussions around rigor and culturally relevant instruction.
4.  Use data to create shared discussions around student -centered and engaging activities and instruction.
5.  Create a culture where teachers are comfortable discussing instruction and data.



Teacher Leaders

Director of ALE
AVID Training specifically in Culturally-Relevant teaching
PLC training
Ongoing PLC agendas and sign in sheets
Academic Language training module

Yearlong PLC calendar

Goal 1:
Raise the quality of effective instruction by providing a guaranteed and viable curriculum among PreK-8th classrooms.
1.  Research high quality instructional practices.
2.  Communicate high expectations to parents and staff.
3.  Ensure all students have the materials and resources necessary for instruction.
4.  Ensure all curriculum is aligned to the state standards, is culturally relevant, and is highly engaging.
5.  Follow the Curriculum Review Process to ensure maps and pacing guides are current.
6.  Monitor implementation of effective instruction through walk throughs and observations.
Director of C&I



Online curriculum

Curriculum costs December Parent and staff meeting agendas
Curriculum review

Curriculum Review Manual

Goal 1:
Implement district wide progression of AVID expectations PreK-8th.
1.  Develop progression of AVID expectations PreK-8th.
2.  Expand and strengthen AVID at school sites through establishing school goals, action plans, and accountability. (AVID Site Plans)
3.  Train a variety of faculty to present the AVID modules.
4.  Offer incentives for attending the modules.
5.  Monitor and provide feedback on implementation of AVID expectations.
6.  Align walk through feedback to include AVID implementation and PBIS

Curriculum Director


Family Engagement Person

ALE Director

Community Center

Incentives October 2021 - ongoing Site plans
AVID Progression document
Goal 2:
Maintain National Demonstration School status at Elementary and become a Schoolwide Site of Distinction at Primary.
1. On-going Training yearly for all staff
   -Path Training
      a.  Content Specific
      b.  Summer and Fall
   -Summer Institute

      a.  Content Specific
      b.  Summer
      c.  Team Building
      d.  Site planning
   -AVID Modules
      a.  1 per month – differentiated for individual learning plans.
   -Tutorial modules
   -Collaborative Study Groups

2.  Parent modules –quarterly

3.  Site Plan – for each campus aligned to the strategic plan

4.  Utilize the Coaching and Certification Instrument provided by AVID to evaluate implementation and program effectiveness.

5.  Visit other AVID sites

6.  Provide a large variety of guest speakers at least monthly for PreK-8.

7.  Create a growth mindset culture where teachers have high expectations for all students.
Director of Advanced Learning Experiences (ALE)
AVID coordinators

1.  Cost for Path training and summer institute
2.  Prizes and incentives for parent modules
3.  Sub costs
1 FTE (Director of ALE) Ongoing National Demonstration status

Schoolwide Site of Distinction

Student, parent, and teacher surveys

Coaching and certification instruments

Site plans

Goal 1:
Create, implement, and analyze formative assessments, using district adopted systems to immediately inform instruction and support student learning.
1.  Use data to drive instruction to help those students who will need extra support or advanced opportunities.
2.  Differentiate instruction for students who are either above or below the expected lesson mastery.

Team Leads



Director of ALE

MTSS Coordinators
December 2021-May 2024 Student and teacher data

Lesson plan examples

Data analysis graphic organizer
Exceptional Education
Goal 1:
Provide a well-rounded educational experience for all ExEd students that contains grade level specific, rigorous classes with high expectations.
1.  Provide regular collaboration time between general ed and ExEd teachers to align lessons and monitor progress and needs.
2.  Align all lessons to grade level standards while ensuring IEP goals are met.
3.  Develop effective models for ExEd instruction.
4.  Train all teachers in effective instructional strategies for ExEd students.
5.  MTSS coordination to ensure timely intervention and support.
6.  Train all staff in accommodation and modification strategies
7.  Train all Ex-Ed staff in writing effective IEP’s
8.  Train all staff on effectively implementing the IEP in the general education classroom
9.  Train all staff in disability awareness
Director of C&I




MTSS coordinator

Director of ALE
Examples of ExEd models

Training on models

MTSS Coordinator

2 FTE’s
December 2021-May 2024 Agendas for progress monitoring

Lesson plans


Adopted Model design
English Language Learners

Goal 1:
Alleviate barriers and ensure English Language Learners have equal access to high-quality English Language Development curriculum and instructional practices.
1.  Ensure all Wilson EL students are scheduled into grade level curriculum classes with support.
2.  Review EL supports at all grade levels, identify barriers, and provide supports to reduce the barriers.
3.  Train teachers on effective EL instructional practices.
4.  Establish the integrated and targeted instructional blocks.
5.  Plan and implement lessons aligned to ELP standards.
6.  Monitor progress of EL.

Curriculum Director

Additional IA support
FTE’s December 2021-ongoing AZELLA scores
Lesson plans

Goal 1:
Provide high quality preschool experiences through the use of evidence-based strategies.
1.  Expand early intervention through preschool experiences that promote kindergarten readiness.
2.  Provide training in adopted curriculum and effective lessons.
3.  Ensure all Pre-K students can write their name, know letters and sounds, shapes, color, and basic Kinder readiness skills.
4.  Align instruction to meet the Arizona Early Learning Standards.
5.  Provide and analyze benchmark assessments.
K-3 Principal

K-3 AP


Benchmark testing

December 2021-ongoing Benchmark assessments

Kinder readiness skills

Training sign in sheets and agendas
Special Areas

Goal 1:
Provide a variety of unique, high-quality programs of study that will drive student interests, nurture talents, and expand college and career choices.
1.  Conduct an interest survey with students, community, and staff.
2.  Research effective models.
3.  Implement unique learning experiences in special area classes.
4.  Monitor the effectiveness of implementation.
5.  Review current offerings each year.
Principals Career Day
Survey data
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Goal 1:
Construct multi-tiered PBIS to include PBIS structures, behavioral interventions, a social & emotional learning program, and anti-bullying initiatives.
1.  Create the PBIS expectations.
2.  Train all staff in PBIS and Social Emotional Learning prior to the start of the school year.
3.  Fully implement PBIS.
4.  Monitor the implementation and effectiveness of PBIS.
5.  Review PBIS data quarterly and provide quarterly training based on the data.
6.  Incorporate SEL into daily lesson plans.
7.  Train staff on SEL programs such as CASEL
8.  Create and implement an anti-bullying program
MTSS facilitator
Assistant Principal
Director of ALE
Ongoing Lesson plans
Discipline data
Safe Learning Environments

Goal 1:
Strengthen school safety through infrastructure improvements, staff training, threat assessment procedures, and emergency response plans.
Goal 2:
Enhance student physical well-being with school based and sponsored health services, promotion of healthy eating habits, and coordination of prevention training.
1.  Review effectiveness of infrastructure, threat assessment procedures, and emergency response plans.
2.  Implement procedures to ensure safe learning environments.
3.  Provide opportunities for health and wellness services.
4.  Train staff in procedures.
5.  Utilize current partners to promote health services and physical well –being for the school and community.
Maintenance Supervisor,
Family & Community Involvement Coordinator