Wilson School District Number 7


Our Technology Department helps create a learning environment where all of our students are immersed in technology. We work to help students use technology as a tool in everyday life and enhance the curriculum with a variety of technological experiences.

Vision for Technology

Our goal is to create the technological conditions that allow teachers to utilize the widest variety of tools, including digital curriculum, to maximize their abilities to integrate technology and data-driven research into the curriculum and instructional delivery system. Our department installs state-of-the-art technology to support the integration of technology into the curriculum delivery and instruction in the classrooms. We provide equal access to computer-aided learning for all students with a networked, multimedia computer for each student and teacher.

Technology in the Classroom

Each classroom is a lab with a computer for every student. Each classroom has a ceiling-mounted projector connected to the teacher computer. Our classroom configuration also includes an electronic white board with a wireless slate to enable the teacher to move around the classroom as well as a digital document camera.

Classroom audio technology includes microphones and speakers mounted in the ceiling. The system clarifies the teacher's voice and evenly distributes sound throughout the classroom, allowing every student to hear the spoken instruction.

Technology Department Contact

Randy Weaver
Wilson Technology

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