• Wilson Attendance

    Wilson Attendance Line: 602-683-2500 opt. 1

    Parents/Guardians are responsible for contacting the school if a child will be absent that day. Students with 5 or more absences may be required to present a doctor's note in order to qualify for an "excused" absence. After 10 absences, a doctor's note is required for any absence to be excused. To encourage and improve school attendance, Wilson School District has partnered with Maricopa County Juvenile Court to implement a truancy program called WAM (Wilson Attendance Mandate). Your child is expected to be at school every day, unless there is an excused reason not to be. When a student has 5 or more unexcused absences or 19 excessive absences (excused or unexcused), the student can be cited to the C.U.T.S. (Court Unified Truancy Supression) Program through the Juvenile Court. 

    Students are tardy if they are not sitting in their seat at 8:00 AM. Tardy students are required to go to the front office to obstain a tardy pass.

    Absences are excused for:

    • Illness 
    • Bereavement - up to 3 days
    • Dr. Appt with a note - 1 day
    • Religious Holiday
    • Family Emergency - up to 1 day
    • Family Vacation - up to...

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