Wilson Health Services

  • First Aid

    All classrooms are stocked with a first aid kit. Minor cuts and scratches will be cleaned and treated in the classroom. If a wound requires more than cleaning (such as ointment, etc.), the student will be sent to the Nurse's office for further examination. Health Services Staff cannot apply any sort of medication or ointment to an injury without prior parent permission. Parents must complete a Student Medical History and Treatment Fom at the beginning of every school year in order for the Health Staff to be able to treat the student. 


    If a student is reported absent or sent home from the Nurse's office due to fever, diahrrea or vomiting, they are not able to return to school until they are symptom free for 24 hours. If a staff member believes that a student does not seem well, they may send the student to the Nurse's office to have their temperature checked.

    If a student displays any of the symptoms related to COVID-19, the School Nurse will be calling parents to send them home as a precaution. (Unless the student has an underlying condition with similar symtoms documented by a doctor.)  The student will have to stay home for 10 days. It is highly recommended that the student be tested for COVID-19. Please send any test results to the School Nurse. ALL RESULTS AND STUDENT INFORMATION ARE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL. 

    If your student is not feeling well, PLEASE KEEP THEM HOME.


    Parents are responsible for ensuring that their students are up to date on their immunizations. Students classes may be closed if their immunizations are out of compliance. 

    Health Screenings

    All Wilson Students will receive Annual Health Screenings at the beginning of the year. Medical staff will perform Hearing, Vision and Lice Screenings. If a student fails a portion of the health screening, notification will be sent to parents asking them to follow up with a doctor. Parents will be required to bring in proof that a doctor has examined the student within 10 days.


    Medications for students cannot be left at the front office! Medications and Inhalers must be given directly to the Nurse/Aide by a parent and parent must sign a Medication Authorization Form. The medication must be in original box/bottle with a recently dated prescription label on it.