Wilson School District Reopening Plan
    The metrics have been updated today and Wilson schools can open to in-person instruction on October 12, 2020. In-person instruction will be available to parents who responded that they would send their children to school in a recent survey. For those parents who opted to keep their children home, online instruction will continue. There may be some changes to your child's teachers as some teachers will teach online and some in-person in every grade level. You will be receiving information from the school as to what changes will be made prior to October 12th.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding in this difficult time.

  • OPTION 1:
    In-Person Learning


    All 3 benchmarks in the “yellow” or “green” categories for two consecutive weeks of data

    What this means for families...

    • Attend school Monday-Friday (PreK-8th grade)
    • Staggered start times—2 bus runs
    • Traditional Instruction
    • Smaller class size (up to 20)
    • Recess Breaks
    • Breakfast in classroom & lunch in class or cafeteria




  • OPTION 2:
    Distance Learning


    One or more benchmarks in the “red” category for two consecutive weeks of data

    What this means for families...

    • Attend online Monday-Friday (KG-8th grade)
    • Students follow a daily schedule
    • Live teacher led & asynchronous lessons
    • Class meetings, small group & 1 to 1 support
    • Accommodations & Support Services Provided

District Plans

  • If a positive case of COVID occurs, families may be notified that their student needs to participate in Intermittent Hybrid Learning. This would mean that the student attends Distance Learning for 2-3 weeks during the illness. Students may return to In-Person Learning after 14 days or a negative COVID test.

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