• CDC’s Order applies to all public transportation conveyances including school buses. Regardless of the mask policy at school, passengers and drivers must wear a mask on school buses, including on buses operated by public and private school systems, subject to the exclusions and exemptions in CDC’s Order.

    Students will stand together, at the bus stop, while still observing social distancing guidelines. Signage will be posted on the exterior of the bus which communicates to parents which symptoms may be seen with COVID-19 and that students exhibiting symptoms should not enter the bus. Parents are encouraged to accompany children at bus stops to ensure distancing is maintained.

    Click here to view Wilson's Mitigation Plan

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  • Summer School Bus Route

    28th St & Roosevelt 7:10 AM 12:13 PM
    28th Pl & Portland 7:11 AM 12:14 PM
    34th St & Pierce 7:14 AM 12:17 PM
    28th St & Monroe 7:17 AM 12:20 PM
    29th St & Monroe 7:18 AM 12:21 PM
    29th St & Adam 7:19 AM 12:22 PM
    28th St & Adam 7:20 AM 12:23 PM
    25th St & Monroe 7:23 AM 12:26 PM
    22nd St & Monroe 7:26 AM 12:29 PM
    23rd St & Polk 7:28 AM 12:31 PM
    21st Pl & Taylor 7:29 AM 12:32 PM
    23rd St & Taylor 7:30 AM 12:33 PM
    23rd St & Fillmore 7:31 AM 12:34 PM
    21st Pl & Fillmore 7:32 AM 12:35 PM