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Wilson School District Partners With PUHS

The Wilson School District and Phoenix Union High School (PUHS) are collaborating to start an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) high school in the vacant building owned by the district at 3005 E. Fillmore Street. AVID is a college readiness program targeting student with grades of Bs, Cs, and Ds who want to attend college. The high school will be Phoenix Union’s newest small specialty school whose goal is to prepare 100% of students to attend college. The school is scheduled to open in August 2017 with a freshman class, adding a sophomore class in 2018, junior class in 2019, and seniors in 2020. 

This high school will be the first of its kind in the nation designed to provide AVID secondary college readiness to all students. I believe this will be a great venture for PUHS and a great opportunity for Wilson students and the community to have a small high school in the neighborhood. 


Antonio Sanchez